SEANXT 100% Carbon Underwater Scooter

SEANXT 100% Carbon Underwater Scooter


After 3 years of research and development, we have launched our flagship product, the SeaNXT Elite underwater scooter.
The Elite is a testament to elegance, hydrodynamics and speed, as well as our commitment to cutting-edge technology with a few unique features:

100% carbon design

The Elite is made entirely of carbon fibre, giving it rigidity, strength and grace, while reducing its weight to just 22kg - the lightest on the market.

Dual-motor technology

Dual-motor technology means you can reach speeds of up to 21 km/h, far outstripping most competitors, while keeping noise to a minimum.

User interface with GPS included

The user interface offers a local offline map with live GPS navigation (maps available for all regions of the world) on a USB stick.

4 speed modes

Four speed modes are available: SHARK, SPORT, CRUISE & ECO. The battery lasts over 2 hours in ECO mode and a minimum of 27 minutes in SHARK mode.

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